Addressing The Economy

Driven by government spending and out-of-control printing of money, gas and groceries are at historic highs and hurting our families and neighbors least able to afford it. To attract new businesses and help those struggling, he will work to improve the state’s business climate by opposing job-killing taxes, reducing government spending by targeting and eliminating special interest pork barrel spending and inefficient government operations, and cutting burdensome and unfair government red tape and regulations. By reducing the cost of services to Missourians and creating a strong business environment, we can better survive the record inflation and supply-chain shortages.

Establishing World-Class Education

George supports reforming our education system to better prepare students for the workplace rather than only preparing them for the next test. He will expand workforce development to help train and retrain people in high-demand industries. He supports a Parents’ Bill of Rights that will require schools to promote transparency and parental involvement in their child’s education along with robust school choice so that parents can have their children educated in the setting that is most appropriate for them.

His legislation would require public school districts to provide parents access to their child’s curriculum, such as course outlines, texts, reading lists, and information on who is teaching their child, including guest lecturers and outside presenters. 

Fighting to Protect Our Families

Crime is on the rise in our region. Defunding the police won’t create better policing any more than defunding teachers would improve education. We need to make sure that the police have all the tools and resources they need to do their jobs effectively. We will increase funding for police training and recruiting and restore respect for our police officers. George will work to put those who prey on our children and the elderly behind bars. He believes that in a rush to give criminals rights, we have voided victims’ rights, and that balance must be restored.

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