George Hruza: An American Dream

Creve Coeur, MO – In an unprecedented move, Hruza For Missouri released a six minute documentary telling the incredible life story of Dr. George Hruza. Earlier today the team launched the documentary on YouTube, called “George Hruza: An American Dream”, and explained that Dr. Hruza’s story is too powerful and too important to tell in thirty-second soundbites.

“Dr. Hruza’s story is incredible and we felt we needed to give it the attention it deserves,” says Frank Catanzaro, spokesperson for the Hruza campaign. 

“Anyone can talk about what they will do or want to do but Dr. Hruza has already done it. Time and time again, he has overcome life’s most difficult challenges and has achieved some of the most rewarding successes through his hard work and determination,” Cantanzaro says. “Simply put, George Hruza gets good things done.”

Dr. George Hruza’s grandparents and all four of his great-grandparents were murdered at Auschwitz during The Holocaust. His mother, Judita Hruza, was liberated from Gunskirchen Concentration Camp by Patton’s 71st infantry in 1945. In the video, Dr. Hruza retells a powerful experience his mother had as a prisoner that shaped his life and inspired him to become a physician. A physician in the barracks is given the choice to stop performing life saving surgery or be killed. 

“That’s when she decided she wanted to be a physician,” Dr. Hruza says. “And for me that is really what formed me in terms of becoming a physician.”

Hruza gives praise to the American military in their efforts to save his mother and credits them with his own life.

“I wouldn’t be here without the American G.I. ‘s because of their bravery and compassion,” Hruza notes. He continues, “They actually took care of her. She was very sick and weighed sixty-eight pounds at the time she was liberated.”

We then learn of the Hruza family’s daring escape to flee Communist Czecholslovakia when George was just ten years old. 

The narrator notes, “The family planned their escape. George was told to grab a few belongings and they started their journey. At one point they thought they were caught but were able to continue.”

Ultimately George Hruza made it to America where he has become a world-renowned physician leader and President of the American Dermatological Association. 

Hruza makes sure to point out that his life “wouldn’t be possible in any other country in the world.”

At the end of the powerful film, Dr. Hruza says he is running for State Senate, “because of family.” 

“To me the kids are our future and I feel that future is under threat,” he declares.